#PezOutlaw was in #Playboy- In #PezNews we have the reporter’s story!

You read about the #PezOutlaw in #Playboy, interesting story. In the April/May issue of #PezCollectorsNews we will have an interview with investigative reporter #JeffMaysh about his “story”. The newsletter is at the printer, due to be mailed shortly. You can subscribe today
so you can read “the story” behind the story right here @ my-pcn.com/pcn-subscriptions/

Behind the #PezOutlaw story
Behind the #PezOutlaw story

PCN-Subscription Renewals

Ok, a subscriber recently asked if they could renew for longer than one year, we never had a problem with that.  Matter of fact in the last issue of PCN we gave away some LE Fliptop Pezervation Society dispensers to subscribers that renewed for more than one year.   So, then I looked and the longest subscription expired in 2019!  So, we have to keep our end of the bargain and keep publishing until 2019, right?  Ok, guess again….  We got a renewal today, their subscription will expire in 2025!  Thats an 11 year renewal!  Boy, our subscribers love us….  THANK YOU FOR YOUR TRUST!

Guess I better get wrtiting more PEZ stories!