20 Years Collecting PEZ-New 140 Page Book – JUST RELEASED!

PEZ Collectors News is proud to announce the release of our new full size book on PEZ collecting.  We took some of our favorite stories from the past 20 years that were published in the newsletter and put them into one big 140 page book.  This book contains stories that will appeal to all types of collectors.  In our 20 years of publishing we had some really great stories that were written by respected PEZ experts.  Ground breaking information, interviews and of course basic PEZ collecting information.  Most of the stories and information has been buried and forgotten for years. Time to dig it up and share it with the hobby again plus add some new, never before seen items.

There is something for everyone, new collectors to advanced. Everyone will find this book interesting and informative. We have stories that cover the History of PEZ, Basic Collecting information, PEZ Terms, Identifying PEZ, PEZ Variations, Cleaning PEZ, Displaying your PEZ collection, Collecting tips, Interviews, Fun Stories and much, much more! Get your copy now!